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Global leader in offshore wind

RWE is one of the world’s leading companies in offshore wind, active across the entire value chain, from project conception and development to construction, operation and maintenance.

For over 20 years we have built and now operate 19 offshore wind farms globally. Now we are bringing our unparalleled expertise to the United States where we are working with communities from coast to coast to build out our clean energy future.

How offshore wind works

Stable wind conditions

Offshore wind farms make use of stable wind conditions and the high wind speeds at sea.

Anchored turbines

Out in the open sea, the wind turbines are anchored to the seabed commonly using fixed bottom foundations.

Different foundations

Floating foundations are required for sea depth of 60 meters or more.

Wind farm substations

Offshore wind farms usually have their own substation where all produced electricity is fed into. Some have their own converter station at sea.

Electricity fed into public grid

From the sea, the electricity is then transported to the onshore substation where it can be fed into the public grid.

Ready to power more of America

We have built 9+ gigawatts of clean, reliable, affordable wind and solar energy onshore across the U.S. by forging partnerships with local stakeholders.

We are investing in America's workforce today to power communities for generations to come.

Ready to power more of America


Our offshore wind projects are developed in collaboration with local communities.

We proactively engage with local agencies, fishermen, ocean users, Tribal Nations, labor, and environmental experts to ensure that our projects are safe, sustainable, and generate economic benefits for host communities.

Offshore Wind - Community

Our projects


Pioneers in Floating Offshore Wind

RWE is a pioneer in floating wind technology that unleashes the potential of wind power even in the deepest waters.

Floating Offshore Wind | RWE

Leaders in innovation

We invest in innovation to actively shape the energy transition and drive forward the climate-neutral transformation of our industry.

Leaders in innovation

Our team is 2,000+ strong & growing

RWE's U.S. team includes some of the earliest visionaries in domestic offshore wind.

We will continue to grow as we train workers for the good-paying jobs required to build world-class offshore wind farms that will deliver reliable clean energy to millions of households and businesses.

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