Energy storage – Growing opportunity

We deliver energy storage: With experience, technological understanding and a strong balance sheet to be your partner of choice.

Highly engineered energy storage solutions

By delivering highly engineered Energy Storage solutions, RWE manages grid stability, reduces renewable curtailment, and provides Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to better align energy supply and energy demand. As a fully integrated utility, RWE has decades of experience operating Transmission and Distribution (T&D) networks as well as integrating, operating and managing more than 6 GW of renewable generation across America. Over the past six years we successfully developed, financed, constructed and now operate 70 MW of Energy Storage to solve various industry related problems, including grid stability and reliability, Transmission and Distribution deferral, Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA), Peak Load shifting and Microgrid & Renewables integration in both Front of The Meter (FTM) and Behind The Meter (BTM) applications.

Leading innovation

In order to develop cutting edge solutions for our customers, the RWE Energy Storage team brings together both market, system and technical expertise to deliver cutting edge solutions for our Customers and Partners. Our team brings decades of experience and strong capabilities in areas such as battery chemistry, electrical engineering, application analytics, business development and market design – all backed by a strong, reliable and forward thinking organization.

Storage energy basics

An optimal solution to solve grid problems

Shaving peak loads to lower energy costs and better meet load profiles

The sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow. RWE Energy Storage can shift renewable generation to the times and levels where it is needed most. And by shaving peak loads, it can help reduce energy costs by charging when prices are low, and discharging when prices are high, saving your company money.

Transmission & distribution deferral

RWE Energy Storage can also delay, reduce, or avoid traditional utility investments in Transmission Distribution systems to meet projected project load growth, saving your ratepayers and shareholders millions of infrastructure dollars.

Grid stability & resiliency

Increasing Renewable integration, the rise of distributed generation and generation retirements bring increased complexity to today’s energy system. RWE Energy Storage provides that reliable bridge between yesterday and tomorrow through ancillary services such as frequency regulation, spinning / non-spinning reserves, voltage control, and black start capabilities.

Our Projects

We deliver one-stop energy storage systems.

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