Commercial & Industrial Solar

Solar Energy and Storage Options for Businesses

Commercial & Industrial Solar

Solar Energy and Storage Options for Businesses

What is Commercial and Industrial Solar?

Businesses can reduce operating costs and achieve budget certainty while demonstrating a commitment to the environment with a solar PPA or EPC. If you are a business, school, government faciltiy or a commercial property owner in the U.S., RWE Clean Energy has solar solutions designed to turn an underutilized asset like a roof, brownfield, or parking garage into a vital contributor to the bottom line while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. Depending on your location, we can offer a variety of solar solutions including design and installation, financing solutions, power purchase agremeents, or community solar subscriptions.

Good for the Bottom Line

Solar power can lower operating costs, create budget certainty, and provide competitive advantages.

Peak solar production hours often overlap with peak electricity billing demand periods. Paired with on-site battery storage, solar offers resilience during grid outages.

Good for the bottom line | RWE in the Americas

Quality & Service

We focus on quality installations using premium hardware and materials.

Our team of project managers, engineers, and designers ensures a smooth process from start to finish. We offer equipment manufacturers' warranties, workmanship warranty, and production guarantee for peace of mind.

Quality and service | RWE in the Americas

Tax Incentives & Financing

Take advantage of federal and state incentives to reduce solar installation costs.

Financing options provide many businesses with solar installations at no upfront capital investment. Gain energy independence and hedge against future rate hikes.

Tax incentives and financing | RWE in the Americas

Client testimonial

“Solar is an important component of our long term strategy, helping us to reduce operational expenses and remain competitive. RWE Clean Energy’s commitment to quality, customer service, and full transparency makes them an ideal partner for us."

Peter Claro
Jetro Chief Operating Officer

Jetro | RWE in the Americas
Jetro | RWE in the Americas
Jetro | RWE in the Americas

Net Metering Benefits

Surplus energy from your solar power system can be credited back to your utility bill in states that offer net metering.

Improve your sustainability and attract eco-conscious customers and employees.

Net metering | RWE in the Americas

Energy Storage Solutions

Commercial energy storage systems can provide power when your business’s solar panels are not actively generating electricity. 

These energy storage systems paired with solar installations offer power when the sun isn't shining, electricity during power outages, and demand reduction to lower operational costs.

Energy storage solutions | RWE in the Americas

Solid ROI & Flexible Options

Solar power systems can break even within 5-10 years, with savings beginning on day one if financed.

Explore various options like PPAs and community solar programs for incorporating solar into your business.

Solid flexible options | RWE in the Americas

Refer a friend

Earn up to $1,000 for home referrals and up to $2,000 for business referrals.

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Case studies

Explore real-world examples of how businesses, schools, government facilities, and commercial property owners have partnered with RWE Clean Energy to transform underutilized assets into sustainable energy powerhouses. Dive into our case studies to discover how our tailored solar solutions, from design and installation to financing and community solar subscriptions, have made a tangible difference in operational costs, environmental impact, and commitment to sustainability.

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