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Leader in Wind

We develop, build and operate fuel and emissions free windfarms in North America

RWE Image RWE Image

World class resources, experience and expertise

RWE Renewables Americas brings world class resources, experience and expertise to bear through the entire wind project life cycle, from development through construction and into operations. Over the last 10 years we developed thriving relationships with community leaders, landowners and business partners to place in service over 20 utility scale wind projects in 5 U.S. states.

Clean, sustainable, low cost energy

These wind farms will generate clean, sustainable, low cost energy for decades to come. At the same time these clean, high tech facilities will contribute new tax revenues to counties, townships and schools, and create new wind related jobs and income that will stimulate and diversify rural economies.

Windfarms can provide economic benefits to local communities, while also helping to improve the environment. RWE’s projects create much needed immediate and long-term economic impact through temporary and permanent jobs and increased tax revenue to rural areas.

E.ON Climate and Renewables as RWE Renewables’ predecessor has developed, built, and operates 27 wind farms and more than 4,300 MW of wind energy projects across the U.S., with more on the way.

Wind Power Basics

Wind Energy

We all know there is energy in the wind – we can see it, feel it and hear it. But where does this energy come from? The short answer is the sun, whose energy heats the earth, but unevenly. This unevenness in temperature causes differences in atmospheric pressure. Wind is the result of air flowing from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. The flowing wind is full of kinetic energy.

History of Harvesting the Wind

Humans having been harnessing wind energy for hundreds of years, for example to propel sail boats or turn windmills that grind grain or pump water. Sails and windmills are simple mechanisms that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy that can be focused and managed for a specific purpose.

Converting Wind to Energy

Modern wind turbines take this process one step further. The blades of the wind turbine convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy that rotates a generator. The generator then converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy – electricity that our civilization relies on and for which we are still finding new applications.

Turbines Together

A wind farm is simply a collection of wind turbines that are connected at a single point - a substation where the electricity from the turbines is gathered together and transmitted to the electrical grid where it flows to users and is available at the flip of a switch.

Grid Connection

The electrical grid is the interconnected system of transmission wires, power plants and switching stations that ensures that power is always available - when, where and in the right quantity that it is needed.

Our top projects

Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs is a 148.4 megawatt (MW) project, located in Woodward County in northwest Oklahoma. The project is powered by 60 GE turbines delivering power into the Oklahoma electrical grid. Boiling Springs is our first project in Oklahoma and in the Southwest Power Pool.

RWE has developed, built, and operates 27 wind farms and more than 4,300 MW of wind energy projects across the U.S., with more on the way.

Our projects in North America

A wealth of experience and industrial scale know-how

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A leader in the North American renewable energy industry.

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