Blue Rock Solar Farm

Project Introduction

Blue Rock Solar Farm is a 100 MW solar + 20 MW storage project currently under development in Buckingham County and Cumberland County, Virginia.

Blue Rock Solar Farm is a proposed 100 megawatt photovoltaic solar facility located in Buckingham and Cumberland Counties with the potential to co-locate a 20 MW BESS  storage system (4- hour duration). The Project is situated near the intersection of Route 683 and Stagecoach Road/Raines Tavern Road.

Blue Rock Solar Farm is expected to enter commercial operations in summer 2026.

Status: in development

Site location

Blue Rock Solar Farm project map | RWE

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Facts & Figures

00 megawatt (MW)

solar farm

00 megawatt (MW)

potential co-located battery energy storage system

Sited on 00


At least ~$ 00 million

in new public funding via solar revenue share

Up to 00

homes powered¹

Up to $ 00 million

in public health benefits²

1 Homes powered is calculated using EPA’s Green Power Equivalency Calculator and assumes an industry average 25% net capacity factor.
2 Pollution reductions from, public health benefits assume a 3% discount rate and are derived using COBRA health database

Project Benefits

Supporting Communities

Supporting Communities

Blue Rock Solar Farm will provide millions of dollars in additional tax revenue to Buckingham and Cumberland Counties and local taxing districts. This new source of public funding can reduce the tax burden on local residents and be used to support essential services including schools, roads, fire departments and first responders.

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Supporting communities
Supporting Farmers

Supporting Farmers

Farmers who choose to harvest solar power are following a long tradition of using their land responsibly to produce food, fiber, and fuel. Blue Rock Solar Farm will be located on private property, offering participating landowners a reliable source of farm income over the 30 year life of the project. Farmers who choose to host solar panels have the opportunity to reinvest in their farming operations, save for retirement and use their increased purchasing power to support local businesses throughout the community.

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Supporting Farmers
Supporting Rural Economies

Support Rural Economies

Hundreds of jobs will be created during construction, offering opportunities for residents to enter the rapidly expanding clean energy workforce. Local businesses will see an economic boom as demand for lodging, restaurants, supplies, vehicle maintenance, and fuel increases throughout the 9-12 months of construction. During operations, 5-8 permanent positions will be created to operate Blue Rock Solar Farm, and the project will continue to source supplies from local businesses.

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Supporting Rural Economies

Stronger Electric Grid

Stronger Electric Grid
Stronger Electric Grid

Solar energy has become one of the most affordable and reliable sources of electricity available today. Solar farms increase the resiliency of Virginia’s electric grid while protecting consumers from the volatility and rising costs of traditional energy sources.

Protecting the Environment and Community

Blue Rock Solar Farm will be designed to complement existing agricultural land uses, protect the soil, and avoid negative impacts to wildlife. Solar farms produce electricity without generating any pollution, resulting in cleaner air and water when compared to traditional power plants.

Comprehensive studies are required as part of the planning and permitting process to protect public safety and the environment. Blue Rock Solar Farm will be virtually silent outside the fence line, while setbacks and existing and proposed vegetative screening will minimize viewshed impacts. Solar panels are designed to minimize glare and are often installed at major airports across the world.

Protecting the Environment and the Community - Bakers Pond Solar Farm | RWE

Blue Rock Solar Farm will use silicon-based PV panels, which are made of safe, well-tested materials commonly used in building and household products. The panels are fully sealed and extremely durable, preventing trace metals from escaping into the surrounding soil. PV solar panels are so safe that millions of families across the U.S. have put solar panels on their homes and literally sleep beneath them. RWE’s advanced remote operations center will monitor the panels 24/7, 365 days a year while the onsite operations team will be available to respond in the unlikely event of an emergency.

At the end of Blue Rock Solar Farm’s useful life, equipment will be removed and the land can be returned to its original uses.

Schedule Overview

1 Beginning of Development
2017 2024 2025-2026 Summer 2026

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