Antlers Road Solar Farm

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Project introduction

Antlers Road Solar Farm is a 90 megawatt (MWac) solar project currently under development in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

Located entirely on private land, Antlers Road Solar Farm will generate enough clean and affordable electricity to power the equivalent of more than 18,000 average homes.

Antlers Road Solar Farm is expected to enter commercial operations in 2026.

Status: In development

Site location

Antlers Road Solar Farm | Site location

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Facts & figures

00 MWac



homes powered¹


planned commissioning

1 Homes powered is calculated using EPA’s Green Power Equivalency Calculator.

Project Benefits

Supporting communities

Supporting Communities

Antlers Road Solar will provide $4.4 million dollars in additional revenue to Mecklenburg County and local taxing districts. This new source of public funding can reduce the tax burden on local residents and be used to support essential services including schools, roads, fire departments and first responders.

Supporting landowners

Supporting Landowners

Landowners who choose to harvest solar power are following a long tradition of using their land responsibly to produce food, fiber, and fuel. Antlers Road Solar will be located on private property, offering participating landowners a reliable source of income over the 40 year life of the project. Landowners who choose to host solar panels have the opportunity to reinvest in their operations and use their increased purchasing power to support other local businesses throughout the community.

Support Rural Economies

Support Rural Economies

RWE is partnering with SHINE on a joint solar training program at local community colleges.  Approximately 200-250 jobs will be created during construction, offering opportunities for residents to enter the rapidly expanding solar workforce.

Local businesses will see an economic boom as demand for lodging, restaurants, supplies, vehicle maintenance, and fuel increases throughout the 9-12 months of construction. During operations, 2-4 permanent full-time positions will be created to operate Antlers Road Solar, and the project will continue to source supplies from local businesses.

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Schedule Overview

1 Project Development
2018-2022 2022-2025 Spring 2026 December 2026

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